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As four women sharing a single way of life and a single monastic home, we are very much committed in developing healthy communication practices. We have found that on occasion we are reaching beyond the models that monks' communities offer in this regard, and we invite you to read and respond to a workshop we are proposing to consider how we might the male models of monastic communities that have dominated Buddhism to date might be adapted to draw on the particular strengths and needs of women.

We are organizing a workshop that addresses this question, during the 12th Sakyadhita Conference in Singapore, in June 2011. This workshop will focus discussion on the following possibliity: If it is true that women tend to communicate with each other differently than men do, if women tend to respond differently to hierarchical authority, and if women tend to form different sorts of friendships than men do, then in order for communities comprised entirely of women to flourish, they may need different organizational structures and different communication practices than have historically been found productive for Buddhist male communities.  Continue to read more about this workshop.

“All beings throughout the reaches of space 
must have happiness, be free from suffering,
and quickly attain unsurpassable, perfect and complete awakening.

For that purpose, until buddhahood, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.
Until death, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.
From today until this time tomorrow, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.”

- From our morning prayers