supporting our community

Nangpel practicing on roofLife in a Buddhist monastic community is in every sense a dependent arising that connects us intimately to others. Just as we devote our lives entirely to a Buddhist monastic path, our lives in turn depend entirely on the kindness of many others. In particular, we depend on those whose generosity sustains our bodies and our activities, without our spiritual life would be impossible. In this way, our sponsors participate in our lives at every moment, even though they may not be physically near.

Life in our community is simple, in material terms, and the annual budget for our life together is $10,000, with another $6,000 proposed to support our study program.

You can view our detailed budget here.

Donations can be made directly by funds transfer to the Swiss account listed below, to an account in Mexico (for details, contact us or visit our Spanish blog) or by Paypal through the link to the right: 

Rahel Gertsch
Raiffeisenbank Sulgen:
Account number: 25912.12
IBAN number: CH47 8141 1000 0025 9121 2  

Donations can also be made by credit card or Paypal using the link to the right of this page. Please do indicate any particular dedication prayers you would like us to make. You may also contact us for other payment options.

Renunciation in Buddhist monastic terms entails giving up the active pursuit of material wellbeing, and remaining content with whatever material conditions are offered.  We cultivate gratitude towards those who support us, and this gratitude gives rise to a deep sense of responsibility to live purely and engage sincerely and whole-heartedly in the spiritual path that our benefactors are supporting. Our sponsors are therefore directly responsible for the intensity and purity of our spiritual practice, as well as its material conditions, and for this, our gratitufde deepens further. We thank you for support, for your interest and for your prayers. It is due to you that our lives here are possible.

“All beings throughout the reaches of space 
must have happiness, be free from suffering,
and quickly attain unsurpassable, perfect and complete awakening.

For that purpose, until buddhahood, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.
Until death, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.
From today until this time tomorrow, I will employ
my body, speech and mind in virtue.”

- From our morning prayers